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    • Welcome Introduction

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    11 Things To Ask Every Seller PDF

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    11 Things To Ask Every Seller videos

    • 1. What has you thinking about selling?

    • 2. When you do sell, where do you plan on moving?

    • 3. Why there?

    • 4. Do you have a place lined up already?

    • 5. How soon do you need to be there?

    • 6. Is the home ready to show, or are there somethings that need to be done?

    • 7. Tell me a little about the home. Have you done any recent updates to it?

    • 8. Just curious, how much are you hoping to get for your property?

    • 9. How much do you still owe on the home?

    • 10. Besides getting the home sold, what are you looking for in an agent?

    • 11. Are you interviewing any other agents?

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    • Closing Video

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