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Greg Harrelson

Greg started his real estate career working for his father. It did not take long before he figured out that real estate was his path to success. He quickly sold over 100 transactions per year until he built a team that did over 450 closings per year. Because of Greg's passion for coaching and developing real estate agents, Greg started a brokerage but used it as a platform to coach and develop top producers. He has a skill that takes agents from zero to 100 and 200+ transactions per year. Very few coaches have developed multiple 100 and 200 deal per year agents. Greg is still doing it today. Greg's new goal is to allow more agents the opportunity to grow their business through his strategies. This is why he created Real Estate Sales Solutions and started offering real estate courses for all agents...not just his own. Please join Greg for a course and start on your own path to growth.


Abe Safa

Abe has an extensive background in sales, tech, building and growing businesses as well as being a top agent in the country. Still in the real estate business, Abe closes well over 100 transactions per year while coaching and helping other agents improve their skills and processes and learn how to generate and grow their business.