Course curriculum

    1. Bulk Import Basics

    2. Creating a Custom Content Page 2023

    3. Creating Banners

    4. Creating Sold Searches

    5. Office Hours for Auto Responders

    6. Locate Agent ID or Office ID in Real Geeks

    7. Send a Text

    8. Adding a Lead to Real Geeks

    9. Add a Lead to Workflow

    10. Emailing A Lead

    11. Sold Search For a Lead

    12. Creating a Follow-Up For a Lead

    13. Bypass Forced Registration

    14. Add a Virtual Tour Button

    15. Property Search For a Buyer

    16. Adding an Image within the Content on a page

    17. Creating a Market Report

    18. Polygon Market Report

    19. Craigslist Poster - RGM

    20. Adding the Google Analytics Key to Real Geeks

    21. Posting the Home Estimate Link on your Google Page

    22. New Lead SMS Message Transcripts from Greg 10.13.22

    1. Workflow Office Hours Settings

    2. Re-Assign Leads

    3. Setting Up Text Messaging

    4. Adding a User to Text Messaging

    5. Adding Urgencies

    6. New Real Geeks Urgencies

    7. New Statuses Enabled in Real Geeks

    8. Creating a New Workflow

    9. Add a Workflow from the Library

    10. Editing Text Templates in Real Geeks

    11. Editing Auto Responder Sign Up Emails

    12. Send the Email to Yourself for Proofreading

    13. Sending the Email in Bulk to Leads

    14. Real Geeks Sign Up Auto Reponders

    15. Add and Edit the Mortgage Calculator in Real Geeks

    16. Update Page Subdivisions and Market Reports

    17. Uploading a Custom Audience to FB

    18. Check Pixel Events

    1. Creating a Business Manager Account

    2. Business Manager Account Setup

    1. Outline

    2. Facebook Website Pixel Audience

    3. Retargeting Sellers

    1. Creating a Single Search Ad using Ads Manager

    2. Adding a Facebook Widget to a Real Geeks Sidebar

    1. Add a YouTube Video to a Content Page

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