Course curriculum

    1. Creating a Business Manager Account

    2. Business Manager Account Setup

    3. Prior to getting started, complete #1, #2 and #3. These only need to be completed one time.

    1. Editing Auto Responder Sign Up Emails - Admin Only.

    1. Setting Up the Seller Leads Valuation Tool

    1. Step 1. Audiences - Basic, Upload a Custom Audience

    2. Step 2. Images - Add Image(s) to File Browser for the Community or City

    3. Step 3. Create a Custom Valuation Page

    4. Step 4. Ads Manager, Create the Ad (Video for Custom Valuation Page Ad, Using a Custom Built Page, with a Custom Audience)

    5. Step 4: Video for Creating a General Ad, Using the Main CMA Page, no Custom Audience

    6. Step 5. After Leads are Captured, Use a Workflow

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