Course curriculum

    1. RGM Coaching Call Zoom Information!

    1. What Is In Your Real Geeks Mastery Bundle?

    2. Building Effective Community Pages for Generations More Leads

    3. Seller Saved Market Reports and Advanced Search Tips

    4. How to Improve Engagement and Live Chat Feature

    5. Lead Mining Inside of Real Geeks

    6. Banners, Sidebars and Google Reviews

    7. Facebook Ads and Retargeting

    8. Converting "Dead" Leads and Keeping Future Ones from Dying

    9. Diving Into the Learning Center

    10. Daily Protocol - What You Should Be Doing Daily

    11. Buyer Lists

    12. Convert All Leads - Full or Partial

    13. Using Workflows & Running a Seller Valuation Ad

    14. Building Sold Pages For SEO Optimization

    15. Super Charge Your Follow Up

    16. Seller Lead Evaluation Pages

    17. Adding Video to Texts/Email - Drip

    18. SEO - The Must Do Basics To Rank and Generate Leads Organically

    19. 5 Tips To Get Your Buyer Offer Accepted & Increasing Contacts Per Hour With Workflows

    20. How To Generate Listings In A Low Inventory Market

    21. Leveraging The Pond and Video Ideas

    22. Third Party Integrations on Real Geeks

    23. Leverage RG To Generate Come List Me Leads

    24. Multi-Channel Marketing

    25. Multi-Channel Marketing- Online Marketing Link Report (PDF)

    26. Lender Conversation

    27. Mid Year Recap

    28. Q & A with Lindsay & Advanced Search Database Filtering

    29. Advanced Searches and Workflows

    30. Market Is Softening - 5 Ways To Get Listings Now

    31. Steps to Working a New Lead

    32. Daily/Weekly Routines & Listing Presentations

    33. Custom Audiences & AI

    34. The Complete Facebook Seller Ad Process

    35. Explaining Google Analytics, Advanced Search Filters, and More

    36. Building Databases, Ads, Buyers withFacebook

    37. Finish The Year Strong

    38. Keep It Simple and Execute Simple

    39. Blog Posts

    40. You Are Your Brand

    41. Data Mining the Database

    42. Buyer Ads, Workflows & More

    43. RGM Fall Action Plan

    44. Buyer End of Year Follow Up & More

    45. Popular Search Pages & Follow Up Tips

    46. Take More Listings Start Today

    47. BONUS - Greg Interviewing Abe About His Mindset Getting Into The Business

    48. A Blog That Drives Free Traffic

    49. What To Do Next Going Into 2022

    50. Where Will Your First 10 Deals Come From in January?

    51. Listing Presentation Template

    52. Tips To Kick Off The New Year

    53. Working With A VA Or ISA To Generate More Leads

    54. Would you take a "Buying Today" lead at a 70% referral fee?

    55. Database Management and Buildout

    56. Finish The Month Strong

    57. RG Tutorials with Lindsay

    58. ROI and Default to Call

    59. Building A Consistent Business

    60. Spring Cleaning

    61. Nurturing Your Database with Lindsay

    62. Property Searches and the New Updated Property Emails with Listing Photos

    63. Optimize Your Lead Conversion & Increase Profit

    64. Leveraging A Lender To Help With Leads

    65. Organizing Your Real Geeks Database With The New Status Updates

    66. Gaining Free SEO from The Navigation Bars/Content Pages

    67. Creating Urgency In A Shifting Market

    68. 5 Reasons Agents Fail With Real Geeks

    69. Using The Saved Search Function

    70. 7 Things you Should do NOW in preparation for a market shift

    71. Build Your Listing Inventory

    72. Using Real Geeks To Convert Sellers

    73. 10 Things You Should Be Doing

    74. How To Manage Your Leads In Shifting Market

    75. How To Leverage Your Loan Originator To Find More Business

    76. SEO Hacks - Page Building

    77. 5 Ways To Hit Your RG Database

    78. If You're Not Getting Business From Real Geeks, I Bet You're Not Doing ___.

    79. Capturing Seller Leads With Market Report Pages

    80. 5 MUST USE NOW Workflows

    81. Low Cost and No Cost Lead Flow

    82. Lead Conversion Myths & Facts

    83. SEO and Duplicate Content

    84. 7 Real Geeks Hacks/Tips To Make You More Effective

    85. What's Your Morning Lead Progression

    86. Max Effort Required

    87. Buyer Lead Gen Pages You Need Right Now

    88. Understanding Google

    89. First Priority Of The New Lead

    90. Discussing Lead Reengagement

    91. 5 Things You Have To Do In Today's Market

    92. Follow Up For Success

    93. Tips For Improving Lead Pickup Rate

    94. Generating Seller Leads

    95. Listing Tools & Tips For Real Geeks

    96. Workflow Tune-Up

    97. Take More Listings

    98. Instant Blog Content Creation

    99. Are You And Your Leads On The Same Page?

    100. How To Deal With Low Delivery Of Text

    101. 9 Advanced Search Filters You Must Use

    102. Building Content Pages and Online Leads

    103. Creating Effective Content In An Efficient Way

    104. Level Up Your Internet Presence

    105. Time To Take More Listings

    106. Improving SMS Deliverability

    107. Time For An Audit

    108. Sneak Peak At New CRM

    109. Custom Content Pages & More

    110. How Leads Are Generated

    111. Get More Leads Engaged And Convert More

    112. How Many Leads Do I Need In My Database

    113. Identifying & Focusing On Your Best Leads

    114. Seller Lead Conversion: How To Get It To 20%

    115. Difference between RG Tool and Facebook Ads Manager

    116. Daily Engagement Activities

    117. Virtual Assistants - How to Hire, Train and Delegate

    118. Q & A With Lindsay

    119. Don’t Make These Mistakes

    120. Fill Up Your Pipeline: Enhancing Engagement with Your Real Geeks Leads

    121. Facebook Ads and Tech Tools with Lindsay

    122. Lead Conversion Methods

    123. Going All In On New Leads

    124. Ways To Increase Conversion

    125. Are You Missing The Opportunity In New Construction?

    126. Second Half Surge

    127. Basic SEO - Back Links and Blogs

    128. How We Generated 100+ Seller Leads In The Last 30 Days

    129. Checking For Broken Links

    130. Market Activity Reports / Sold Reports

    131. Top 10 New Listings - Leveraging Workflows

    132. Advanced Search Filters

    133. Advanced Settings Walkthrough

    134. Verification For Text Messages

    135. Lead Sources and Lead Conversion

    136. Blog Strategy Using AI

    137. Buyer Ads Topic with Lindsay

    138. Future of Page Building

    139. Get In The Zone: Tactics and Strategies Necessary To Take More Listings and Increase Your Pendings

    140. Identifying Lost Opportunities In Your Database

    141. Building And Working A Seller Database

    142. Interest Rate Widget Update

    143. Discussing New Advanced Search Filters and Blogs

    144. The Great DataRACE

    145. Auto Responder Emails

    146. Opted Out of Email Opportunities

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