Course curriculum

    1. Get More Offers Accepted

    2. 5 Real Geeks Hacks You Must do Weekly

    3. The Art of Lead Conversion

    4. Setting The Right Priorities

    5. Tagging

    6. Using Workflows

    7. PPC - Cracking The Code on Conversion

    8. 30 Day Business Acceleration Plan

    9. Lead Identification & Lead Generation - What's The Difference?

    10. Top Workflows, E-Blasts and Ads That Deliver Results

    11. Short Term Attack To Generate Listings in a Low Inventory Market

    12. Using Leverage To Scale

    13. Leverage These 8 Workflows Today

    14. Navigating Through a Low Inventory Market

    15. How to Generate Seller Leads From Real Geeks

    16. Segmenting Your Database

    17. Leveraging the Facebook Posting Tool

    18. Advanced Search Filters and Tips to Increase Efficiency

    19. Cracking the Conversion Code in your Database

    20. Generating Listings - Lead Generation Strategies That work in today's Market

    21. Finish 2020 strong and position yourself for a breakthrough 2021

    22. Advanced database mining - Turning your database into a databank and monetizing it

    23. Script Mastery - The Art of mastering the conversation

    24. Leveraging Real Geeks to generate listing leads

    25. The Buying Process - How to reach, nurture and convert Buyer leads

    26. A Database is NOT a Holding Bin

    27. PPC - Is it worth it?

    28. How Lead Follow Up Can Make Or Break your Business And Tips Every Agent Must Follow

    29. 10 Ways To Generate Business Today

    30. Some Tricks to Building A Stronger Real Geeks Website

    31. 10 Things you must get done before the New Year

    32. Online lead strategies broken down

    33. 10 Things Real Estate Agents Must Do To keep Momentum Through The Holidays

    34. The Kickoff 2021 - It's Game Time

    35. Lead Routing and Round Robin Feature

    36. 10 Things To Do To Get Your Leads To Re-Engage

    37. Find & Convert Business Already In Your Database

    38. Building A Business Off The Basics

    39. Understanding Number Tracking

    40. Keys To A Powerful Listing Presentation

    41. Real Geeks Hacks You Probably Haven't Thought About

    42. Follow Up Hacks for Real Geeks

    43. Your Next Breakthrough - 10 Simple Steps

    44. 7 Real Geeks Hacks Few People Think About

    45. Real Geeks Tools to Attract Seller Leads

    46. Going Into The Second Quarter of 2021

    47. Setting More Buyer Appointments

    48. Daily Real Geek Habits of 50+ Producers

    49. Buyer Lead Conversion

    50. The Difference Between Scripts and a Dialogue.

    51. Generating Traffic Organically - Introduction to SEO

    52. Breaking Down The Listing Presentation

    53. Top 10 Ways To Incorporate Video

    54. Prequalifying Your Buyer Leads

    55. Prequalifying Your Seller Leads

    56. Why You Should Spend 2+ Hours A Day On The Phone

    57. 5 Real Geeks You Should Implement Immediately

    58. Have You Lost Your Motivation?

    59. What Do We Do If The Real Estate Market Starts To Shift

    60. Tech + Traditional = Momentum

    61. Why Is Now The Time To Focus On Sellers!

    62. Still Not Using Workflow? What To Do About It Now.

    63. Generating Momentum Now

    64. A.I. and Real Geeks - A Powerful Combination

    65. 10 Things You Could Be Doing Wrong With Leads

    66. 4th Quarter Worries - Focus On What Matters

    67. How Long Should It Take To Convert My Leads

    68. Pro Tips to Increase Lead Engagement

    69. 4 Reasons Why Agents Don’t Have A High ROI

    70. Set Up Your Real Geeks For Massive Growth In 2022

    71. 30 Day Challenge - Build The Habit To Generate Consistently

    72. 7 Things To Do Right Now To Have A Break-Out 2022

    73. Free Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Real Geeks Site

    74. 4 Things You Should Stop Doing Now

    75. 4 Things To Master To Start The New Year Ahead

    76. Who Will Your First 10 Deals Come From This Year?

    77. Creating Urgency - Getting Leads Off The Fence

    78. How We Got 24 Leads That Were Previously Dead

    79. 5 Ways To Increase ROI on your PPC leads

    80. 7 Tips To Get Your Leads Off The Fence

    81. 4 Reasons Why Agents Don’t Have A High ROI

    82. 4 Drip Campaigns You Can Activate Today and Get Huge Response

    83. Ways To Use Video To Drive Traffic To Your Real Geeks Website

    84. Follow Up Best Practices

    85. Conversation Around Conversion

    86. How To Monetize A Lead Funnel Through Simple Nurture

    87. Converting From The Seller Valuation Tool

    88. Leveraging A Lender To Help With Leads

    89. 3 Stages Of The Day

    90. Real Geeks New Status Update

    91. Building And converting a Seller Database

    92. What do We Do If The Real Estate Market Starts To Shift

    93. Driving Traffic To Your Real Geeks Site - Some Are Free

    94. Daily Real Geek Habits of 50+ Producers

    95. Buyer Lead Conversion

    96. Don't Take Your Foot Off The Gas

    97. 7 Ways To Add People To Your CRM

    98. How To Manage The Shift

    99. 5 Traits Of A Great Buyer's Agent

    100. 5 Ways To Get Leads Off The Fence

    101. Is SEO Dead? - SEO Basics

    102. Increasing Buyer Sales In A Changing Market

    103. Building A Consistent Business In 4 Simple Steps

    104. Double Down On What Works

    105. 5 New Workflows You Must Create

    106. Optimize Your Lead Conversion

    107. How Well Do You Know Your Market?

    108. Where’s The Market Headed… and what to do now!

    109. 5 Lead Generation Strategies That Work During A Shift

    110. Understanding the Sales Funnel

    111. Lead Conversion Myths & Facts

    112. 2023 Business Planning - What Must Be Considered

    113. 5 Stepping Stones To A Successful 2023

    114. 5 Things You Have To Do In Today's Market

    115. 4 Steps To Building A Consistent Business

    116. The 10 Things You Can Do To Get Lucky

    117. Getting Your Buyers Off The Fence

    118. How To Generate Deals Around The Holidays

    119. Avoid These End Of Year Mistakes

    120. Fail Proof Follow Up System

    121. How To Generate Leads In The Next 72 Hours?

    122. Getting Past Deliverability Issues

    123. Are You Prepared For A Market Rebound?

    124. Increasing Lead Engagement

    125. Follow Up Strategies For CONSISTENT Business

    126. Is Your Morning Routine Helping You Or Hurting You?

    127. Building An Audience Versus Database

    128. Showing Fewer Properties - Writing More Contracts

    129. How Many Leads Do You Need In Your Database?

    130. How Many Leads Should I Have?

    131. The Mindset, Tactics and Strategies to Grow A Real Estate Business

    132. How To Increase Lead Engagement and Conversion

    133. Increasing Your Contact To Appointment Ratio

    134. Your MAP To More Listings

    135. Lead Mining Inside of Real Geeks

    136. Finish The Month Strong

    137. Convert All Leads - Full & Partial

    138. Connect Quicker To Convert More

    139. 10% Conversion Ratio On Your Online Buyer Leads

    140. How To Convert FaceBook Seller Leads

    141. Is Buying PPC Leads Worth It?

    142. 100+ Seller Leads - Webinar Recap

    143. 5 Things That Kill Your PPC ROI

    144. 500+ Leads In The Past 30 Days, How Did We Do It

    145. The Next Generation Of The Workflow

    146. How To Increase My Lead Conversion Ratio!

    147. The 3 Phases Of Buying Explained

    148. What's Going On With The Email and Text Carriers

    149. Does PPC Work_ ... Only if _________!

    150. Is Real Leads Worth It?

    151. How You Can Generate Leads For Free

    152. How To Leverage RG To Get Price Reductions

    153. Community Domination Using RG As A Farming Tool

    154. Identifying Lost Opportunities Hiding In Your Database

    155. Is It Me or The Leads?

    156. Presenting Your Value - It Is More Important Than Ever!

    157. Potential Changes Because of NAR Lawsuit

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