Be A Master at Objection Handling

Learn what to say, when to say it and how to say it from 4 Top Agents that do close to 700 transactions a year combined

Can you imagine being a consumer looking to buy or sell a piece of real estate these days? With all the conflicting information about property values, discount brokerages and guarantees, how could you help from being confused. Confusion leads to uncertainty and uncertainty as a consumer can cause you to ask a lot of questions in search of certainty.

Too often, these questions turn into objections that challenge the real estate agent. Our goal is to help the real estate agent gain confidence in their ability to handle these objections and bring certainty back to the buyer or seller. The key to objection handling is less about the words that are said and  more about how they are delivered.

In the Objection Handling Video Series, you can watch and listen to some of the top agents in the U.S. handling objections. We have chosen 20+ objections and role plays to record for your training purposes. Greg Harrelson, Abe Safa, Brendon Payne and Kevin Mills each decided to handle the same objection to give you a broad perspective of what it looks like and sounds like from different perspectives. Nothing like this has been offered before and we believe making a small investment in yourself will yield a tremendous ROI over time.

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Introduction into Objection Handling Mastery

    • Introduction

  • 3

    Objection Handlers

    • I have a friend in the business

    • We are waiting for prices to go up

    • I only want to list for 30 days

    • You agents are just looking for listings

    • I am not going to list, but will pay a commission

    • I am going back with my previous agent

    • I am waiting until Spring

    • I am not giving it away

    • I want to list high. We can always reduce

    • We like you but we want to think it over

    • I don't want to list before I buy

    • I have to get a few updates done first

    • I think I am going to sell it myself

    • My renter said they want to buy it

    • Not selling any more (Expired)

    • I think I am going to go with a discount broker

    • Will you cut your commission?

    • I think I have a buyer interested

  • 4

    Bonus Material: Audio Role Play

    • Greg Harrelson Circle Prospecting Role Play

    • Kevin Mills Expired Role Play

    • Brendon Payne FSBO Role Play

  • 5


    • Summary

  • 6

    Transcripts in pdf

    • I Have A Friend In The Business