What You Will Learn:

  • Why the Listing Presentation is the most important script you can master!

  • The Reason that agents struggle to get paperwork signed.

  • A New Way to look at Objections that will empower you to want more of them.

Course curriculum:

    1. Pre-Qual and Listing Presentation

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Listing Presentation Role Play:

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I will demonstrate an effective listing presentation starting with a demonstration of the listing prequalification call and an explanation on why professional sales people prequalify 100% of their appointments. I will also go through a very structured listing appointment process that even a brand new agent can become very proficient at so they can begin taking listings immediately. At the end the co-hosts will hit me with the typical objections to see if they can trip me up or keep me from asking for the business one more time. Tune in to see who wins! - Brendon Payne


Instructor Brendon Payne

In 2007 Brendon left a corporate job, got his real estate license and set off to grow his real estate career. He was committed to “going all in” but he also had a requirement that his business would not be his life. He needed to see a clear path on how what he needed to believe, the activities he needed to be an expert at and the systems that would allow him to grow QUICKLY. In his first full year in business he sold 52 homes and by year 4 he was selling over 100 homes every year and still sells 150 homes each year. He’s been featured as a speaker for REALOGY Companies on the topics of, becoming a listing expert, communicating effectively, handling objections, scaling through staffing, and many more topics critical to creating huge production. Along with his personal production in Myrtle Beach, SC. he also owns Century 21 Expert Advisors in Charleston SC where he coaches his agents on growing their production using the same strategies included in this coaching series.